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  • Sideau® is completely natural (made of basalt and an organic binder of Sucrose). No petrochemicals or microplastics are used in the production process
  • Sideau® absorbs water incredibly fast (a few seconds) without the formation of air bubbles in the product
  • Sideau® is usable for all kinds of flower arrangements, dried flowers, silk flowers and fresh flowers. One product for all your flower arrangements
  • Sideau® is reusable because of its spongy structure. It can be used for a second time by, for instance, wrapping chicken wire around it
  • Sideau® continues to absorb water time after time. This allows you to add water if the flower arrangement threatens to dry out
  • With Sideau® you no longer have any waste of product. If you have pieces left over after cutting the Sideau® blocks into shapes, you can easily tear these pieces into smaller parts and keep them. Put them in a pot, vase or wooden crate, like our “Moestuin Kistjes”, and use Sideau® as a substitute for potting soil. Anything with a root will grow on it
  • Sideau® has a neutral Ph-value of Ph 7.3 and a small nutrient supply of Ec 0.8.
  • Sideau® is easy to cut with for example a bread knife, without crumbling
  • Sideau® can be disposed in small pieces in the green container (according to the legislation of your country). You can also deposit it on your compost heap
  • What remains when degraded, is Basalt meal (sand) which is completely natural and harmless to nature
  • Basalt is full of nutritious minerals and is also used in agriculture and horticulture to upgrade heavy clay soil.
  • Sideau® is a registered product of Agra Wool International, the Netherlands
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Sideau is affiliated with the Barometer Duurzame Bloemist (Sustainable Florist) initiative 

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